End Sealer for Logs and Hardwood Lumber

Thompson Mahogany stocks ANCHORSEAL2®, a high quality wax sealer that provides protection to prevent end checking in freshly-sawn green longs and lumber.  The sooner ANCHORSEAL2 is applied after sawing, the more effective it will be in reducing end checking.



ANCHORSEAL2 stops most end checking before it begins.  Depending upon the species, you can prevent up to 90% or more of end checking (drying splits) and improve yield in your logs or lumber.



Anchorseal should be applied to all end grain surfaces as soon as possible after cutting.  Similar in consistency to paint, it is possible to apply ANCHORSEAL2 in several ways, including with a brush, roller, or with spray equipment.  When applied it will initially look like white paint, but will dry clear to a wax finish.  If a sprayer is used, the tip must be large enough to accommodate the thick ANCHORSEAL2 emulsion.  Care should be taken to coat only the ends of the boards.

Sprayer and application information and answers to frequently asked questions are available on the manufacturer’s website at UC Coatings.

Anchorseal should be applied liberally, “to the drip” – apply as much as the lumber will hold, until the lumber can absorb no more of hte solution.  If there is no dripping, it may be too little.  If the ends drip heavily, it is excessive.  A second coat can be applied if needed.



Sold by the quart