Teak Patio Deck

We understand that it is not always an option for our customer to order in unit quantities or full truckloads.

That’s why we offer our “One Deck At A Time™” program! Our decking program allows our wholesale customers to order what you need, when you need it, with fast turn-over time and prompt delivery.  Operating on a just-in-time basis, this allows your to focus your resources on your every-day products instead of having the carry cost of slow moving inventory.

  • Let us carry the inventory for you. Thompson Mahogany Company is a direct importer of one of the largest hardwood decking inventories in the United States, specializing in Ipe decking, Garapa decking, Massaranduba decking and Teak decking.
  • Let us mill it for you. Thompson Mahogany also has millwork capabilities to make special pieces, run mouldings or re-saw into a specific dimension for you.
  • Let us ship it for you. Thompson Mahogany uses its own trucks and also LTL carriers, depending on the location of the job site. We can blind-ship for you directly to your customer, so you never even have to touch the order.

Whether your client is interested in an upgrade on a new home, an upgrade on a retro-fit deck, or is simply adamant about sourcing the best available materials, One Deck at a Time™ will help you cater to the customer’s needs in a timely and profitable manner.

Contact us to discuss our One Deck At A Time™ program.