thompsonwide980lumberThompson Mahogany is a direct importer of over 25 species of tropical hardwood lumber.  We keep a large inventory on-hand so we have what you need, when you need it – at direct import prices.  Our standard stock species are listed below.  Click on a species to find out more about that species.

Please ask us about our FSC Certified products.

Trade NameScientific NameOther Trade Names
AfrormosiaPericopsis elataAfrican Teak, Kokrodua, Assamela
AniegreAningeria spp.Anegre
BeliParaberlinia bifoliolata or Julbernardia pellegrinianaZebrawood (as substitute)
BloodwoodBrosinum spp.Muiratinga
BubingaGuibourtia spp.African Rosewood, Kevazinga
CumaruDipteryx odorataBrazilian Teak, Southern Chestnut
Eucalyptus GrandisEucalyptus GrandisRed Grandis
European BeechFagus sylvaticaBeech wood
IpeTabebuia Spp.Brazilian Walnut, La Pacho
IrokoChlorophora excelsa or Milicia regiaAfrican Teak
JatobaHymenaea courbarilBrazilian Cherry
LacewoodRoupala brasiliensisLeopardwood, Louro
Mahogany - African MahoganyKhaya ivorensisKhaya
Mahogany - Genuine MahoganySwietenia macrophyllaSouth American Mahogany
Mahogany - Santos MahoganyMyroxylon balsamumCabreuva
Mahogany - SapeleEntadrophragma cylindricumSapele, Sapelli
ObecheTriplochiton scleroxylonSamba, Wawa
Padauk (African)Pterocarpus soyauxiiPadouk, Mukwa, Narra
PurpleheartPeltogyne spp.Amaranth
Spanish CedarCedrela odorataCedro
TeakTectona GrandisAsian Teak, Genuine Teak
Utile / SipoEntandrophragma utileSipo Mahogany
WengeMillettia spp.Panga Panga
ZebrawoodMicroberlinia brazzavillensisZebrano

Wholesale Hardwood Lumber Grade Descriptions

FAS/SEL – Per rules will be a minimum of 83% clear.  However, our imported hardwoods are close to being all clear.  Widths will be 6″ and wider, allowing a small percentage of 4″ and 5″.  Lengths are 8′ and longer.

FAS/SEL 6′ and 7′ Only –  Widths are 6″ and wider allowing for a small percentage of 4″ and 5″.

1 & 2 Common (COM) – Our common grade is mainly due to some wave or twist and some checks.  Ideal for small cuttings.  Widths are 4″ and wider, heavy 6″ and wider.  Lengths are 6′ and longer, heavy 8′ and longer.

#1 Common Only – Per rules 2/3 clear with specified cutting.  Main defects are knots, 4″ and wider, heavy 6″ and wider, 6′ and longer.