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Wholesale Bloodwood Lumber  Stock Information

CUTS: Mixed Grain
SIZES: 4/4
DRYING: Kiln-Dried (KD)
WHOLESALE MINIMUM: 1,000 board feet and up


Species Information

BOTANICAL NAME:  Brosinum spp.

Bloodwood is a hardwood species commonly used for flooring, stringed instruments, high-end millwork and decorative veneers, cabinet making and decorative inlays.  Although it is frequently sliced and used as a veneer, it is available in board form as lumber.

Muirapiranga, Satine
ORIGIN: Central and South America
APPEARANCE: Heartwood ranges from light red to a deep dark brownish red when exposed to light and air. Texture is fine and lustrous with a straight grain that can sometimes be slightly wavy
DENSITY: Janka scale hardness ranges from 2,900 to 3,635 for dry material
WEIGHT: 65 – 75 lbs. / cu. ft., or approximately 5.5 – 6.25 lbs. per board foot
DRYING: Dries well but slowly
WORKABILITY: Bloodwood is extremely dense, and has a blunting effect on cutters.  It turns and glues well. The wood tends to be brittle and can splinter easily while being worked.
DURABILITY: Very durable and extremely resistant to insect attack
PRESERVATION: Heartwood is rated as resistant to preservative treatments, sapwood is permeable
FINISHING: Finishes well and is recommended to prevent the wood from turning deep red