Thompson Mahogany Company offers quick order processing, pulling and shipment.  Please talk to your sales representative about your order timeline and when you can expect to receive it.

Minimum Orders

Our lumber is typically sold in units or bundles with minimums (depending upon the species),  while our decking may be sold as needed with no minimum under our “One Deck At A Time™” program.  Your order size, however, may affect the shipping method and cost.

Shipping Locations

We typically ship from our location in Philadelphia, PA, and will ship anywhere within the continental United States.  We can also ship to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and overseas via ocean transport.

Can I come pick my order up with my company truck?

Yes!  If you prefer to pick your order up, we can accommodate you.  Please call ahead to schedule a pick-up time with us and discuss the easiest routes in/out of our facilities.

Shipping & Handling Costs

In most cases there are shipping and handling costs, which will vary per order and depending on method, distance, weight and numerous other factors.  Please discuss the method of shipping and associated costs with your sales representative before finalizing your order.

Shipping Times

Shipping times vary depending on numerous factors, such as availability of stock, how many orders we are processing at that time, how large your order is and how far away you are, and of course the weather.  Check with your sales representative to get an idea based on current circumstances.  We will try to give you our best estimate when we complete your order, and we will communicate with you when your order has shipped.  However there is no guarantee that your order will arrive exactly when we estimate that it should be there with third party freight vendors.

Return Policy

Any problems with your order should be reported within 48 hours of receiving the product.  Go to the Contact Us page and call or e-mail us with any inquiries concerning a problem.  Please take photographs immediately.  We will work with you to find the fastest, most effective solution to the problem.

Canceling An Order

All sales are considered final at time of purchase – when the order has been approved by you and paid for – either when your credit card details have been submitted to us for payment or your purchase order has been received if you have terms with us.  Thompson Mahogany charges a 20% restocking fee if you cancel your order after the order has been shipped.  Once the order has left our facilities, please contact your sales representative to discuss a return.

Methods of Payment

We accept checks, money orders, and major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  We may choose to extend lines of credit to customers who pay their accounts on time.