Thompson Mahogany Company respects the privacy of the people who use our website. This Privacy Policy sets out what we do to protect the personal information which users of our website may provide.

Disclosing Personal Information

We will not generally disclose your personal information to anyone outside of Thompson Mahogany Company without your consent, unless required to do so by law.

Personal Information

A user can browse our website without providing any personal information. However, to access some services, we may ask the user to provide limited information about themselves such as name, email address and other details that may help us with their inquiries. The information we ask users to provide will be used primarily to respond to users with the information they request via our website, for example to provide product quotes and information on our woods.

Anonymous Information

Thompson Mahogany Company may collect certain anonymous, non-personal web log information (such as your web browser and the pages visited). The purpose of this information is to learn about the users of our websites in general and improve our overall offering and appeal.

Using your Personal Information

We may wish to use your personal information to contact you, for example to send you product information, mainly to respond to your comments or requests for information. We also use personal information volunteered by the users of our websites to make sure that our service and product offering is relevant to the users of our websites.

Thompson Mahogany Company occasionally sends visitors emails describing new products. You may request to opt-out of these services completely, at any time. You may also ask us ask us to update your information or to remove your personal information from our records, at any time.

This Website may contain links to other sites that are outside of Thompson Mahogany’s control. We assume no liability for the actions of those sites.

To navigate our website, you may use any of the navigation menus in the header, side bars, or footer of this website.  You may also see all pages and posts of this website by viewing the sitemap.