Massaranduba is one of the hardest and most durable timber species in the world. It is considered a cost-effective substitute for Ipe decking in some applications. With a reddish brown hue and straight grain, it has been nicknamed “Brazilian Redwood.” It is naturally durable and resistant to rot and decay, making it an excellent choice for exterior applications. It not only lasts a long time, but has the beauty of an interior hardwood. Massaranduba is another popular natural alternative to PVC or composite products. It outlasts other popular wood decking species such as treated Pine, Cedar, American Redwood and Douglas Fir.

Thompson Mahogany stocks Massaranduba decking (Brazilian Redwood) as well as other parts to complete a deck, including: joists, stringers, treads, risers, skirting, railings and posts. We also mill tongue-and-groove (T&G) profiles, and offer custom millwork for special profiles or sizes. Massaranduba deck facing is partially air-dried (AD), and then kiln-dried (KD) to approximately 15% moisture content for stability.   Thompson Mahogany also stocks all the accessories – fasteners, sealers, cleaners, and finishes  – to complete your deck.

Massaranduba Deck Railing Profiles

Thompson Mahogany offers the following stock Massaranduba railing profiles:


Use this profile for the top and bottom runners of your railing. Screw your 2×2’s or balusters in place between these boards.

Ipe Subrail

Rail Cap – Curved Top

Use this profile for the top hand rail by fastening it from underneath through the sub-rail.

Ipe Railcap Flat

Rail Cap – Flat Top

Use this profile for the top hand rail by fastening it from underneath through the sub-rail.

Ipe Railcap Round

Hand Rail

Use this profile for small handrail or stair cases.

Ipe Handrail

Handrail Assembly
This cross-diagram and photo shows how to assemble the handrail parts.

We can custom-mill various profiles and sizes by request, please call for details and pricing.

Massaranduba T&G Porch Flooring

Thompson Mahogany offers 1×4 and 5/4×4 Massaranduba Tongue-and-Groove (T&G) Porch Flooring for exterior covered porches. Massaranduba T&G Porch Flooring typically runs in random odd and even lengths from 8′ to 20′.

1×4 T&G Profile
This profile measures net 11/16″ x 3″.


5/4×4 T&G Profile
This profile measures net 15/16″ x 3″.

5/4x4 T&G Porch Flooring Profile

See our T&G Porch Flooring page for more information. We can custom-mill various profiles and sizes by request, please call for details and pricing.

Massaranduba Siding

Thompson Mahogany offers standard shiplap siding profiles for exterior vertical spaces.Massaranduba Shiplap Siding typically runs in random odd and even lengths from 7′ to 20′. Our standard profile measures net 9/16″ x 4-3/8″ face. Also known as “lap and gap”, we can custom-mill various profiles and sizes by request, please call for details and pricing.

Sizes – Ipe decking typically runs in even lengths from 8′ to 20′. Depending upon the

Sizes – Massaranduba decking typically runs in even lengths from 8′ to 20′. Depending upon the dimension, we may have odd lengths (9′, 11′, etc.) and we may also have shorter stock – “shorts” – from 2′-6′, as well as longer pieces at 21′ or 22′. Please call or contact us to find out our current stock levels, sizes and lengths available as they vary at any given time. We also offer millwork services for special sizes or profiles.

Wholesale Minimums – Thompson Mahogany does not require minimum orders for its decking. Stocking program customers as well as non-stocking customers may buy in units or job lots through our “One Deck at a Time” program.  Please note that there is a price difference in wholesale unit orders and wholesale job lot orders.  Contact us for pricing details.

Wholesale Massaranduba Decking Stock Information


Nominal SizeNet SizeGradesDryingLengths
1 x 43/4" x 3-1/2"Premium, FASKD8’ - 20’ Evens
1 x 4 Tongue-and-Groove11/16" x 3" TGPremium, FASKD8’ - 20’ Evens
1 x 63/4" x 5-1/2"Premium, FASKD8’ - 20’ Evens


Nominal SizeNet SizeGradesDryingLengths
5/4 x 41" x 3-1/2"Premium, FASKD8’ - 20’ Evens
5/4 x 4 Tongue-and-Groove15/16" x 3" TGPremium, FASKD8’ - 20’ Evens
5/4 x 61" x 5-1/2"Premium, FASKD8’ - 20’ Evens


Nominal SizeNet SizeGradesDryingLengths
2 x 21-1/2" x 1-1/2"Premium, FASKD8’ - 20’ Evens
2 x 41-1/2" x 3-1/2"Premium, FASKD8’ - 20’ Evens
2 x 61-1/2" x 5-1/2"Premium, FASKD8’ - 20’ Evens

Timbers, Rails, and Plugs

Nominal SizeNet SizeGradesDryingLengths
4 x 43-1/2" x 3-1/2"Premium, FASKD8’ - 20’ Evens
Subrail - 1×43/4" x 3-1/4"Premium, FASKD8’, 10’, 12’
Railcap - 5/4x6 Flat Top1" x 5-1/2"Premium, FASKD8’, 10’, 12’
Massaranduba Plugs3/8" diameterPremium, FASKD5/16" - 3/8"

TMC understands that your customers want to buy everything for the project in one place if possible. That’s why we offer all the accessories in job-lot quantities so you don’t have to buy a pallet of stain just to complete an order. We keep the following accessories in stock:

Ipe Decking / Wood Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What spans can I expect from Massaranduba?

Due to the strength of Massaranduba, you can expect the following spans:

  • 1x (net 3/4″) – up to 16″ on center
  • 5/4x (net 1″) – up to 24″ on center
  • 2x (net 1-1/2″) – up to 32″ on center
  • Diagonal patterns may require shorter joist spacing

We recommend that you check with your local building code before deciding on joist spans.

What grades of Massaranduba do you sell?

Thompson Mahogany Company provides “premium” all heart grade which gives a truly outstanding appearance.  Our decking boards come  “three sides clear” (one clear face and two clear edges).

Can Massaranduba be installed on existing SYP pressure treated framing?

Yes, although we recommend that a professional inspect the integrity of the existing framing to ensure it is stable, usable and passes your current city code requirements.  We carry the necessary component parts to frame the undercarriage of Ipe decking.

Can Massaranduba be painted?

It is our experience that due to the wood’s density, oily nature and alkalinity, Massaranduba does not accept most paints.  For more details on paintingMassaranduba, please contact us to discuss.

How do I maintain that original dark, rich color?

Massaranduba will weather to a silver patina if you leave it in its natural state.  Depending upon your exterior conditions, it can noticeably turn within a few months and can be fully gray within a year.  Should you wish to keep the wood rich and dark, apply an oil-based UV inhibitor finish specifically designed for hardwoods such as Ipe.  There are numerous available brands, and we recommend Messmer’s UV Plus for Hardwood Decks.

Species Information

Massaranduba (Macaranduba, Bulletwood, Balata)

BOTANICAL NAME: Manilkara bidentata

Family:  Sapotacae

Other Common Names:  Chicozapote (Mexico), Ausubo (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic), Nispero (Panama), Beefwood (Guyana), Bolletri (Surinam), Balata rouge (French Guiana), Macaranduba (Brazil)

Distribution:  Widely distributed throughout the West Indies, Central America, and northern South America; occurs in many forest types and not exacting as to soil or topography.  Locally frequent.

The Tree:  Well-formed tree reaching heights of 100 to 150 feet and diameters of 2 to 4 feet, occasionally up to 6 feet or more.  Boles straight and clear to 60 feet, then basally swollen.

General Characteristics:  Heartwood light to dark reddish brown, distinct but not sharply demarcated from the whitish or pale brown sapwood.  Texture fine and uniform; luster low to medium; grain straight to occasionally slightly wavy or interlocked; without distinctive odor or taste.

Weight:  Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) .85; air-dry density 66 pcf.

Mechanical Properties: First and third sets of data based on the 2-in. standard; second on the 1-in. standard.

Moisture Content (%)
Bending Strength (PSI)
Modulus of Elasticity (1000 PSI)
Maximum Crushing Strength (PSI)
Green (73) 17,310 2,700 8,690
12% 27,280 3,450 11,640
12% (24) 29,200 3,520 13,300
12% (20) 32,600 N/A 15,200

Janka side hardness is 2,230 lb. for green material and 3,190 lb. at 12% moisture content.  Forest Products Laboratory toughness average for green and dry material is 265 in.-lb. (5/8-in. specimen).

Drying and Shrinkage:  Balata or Bulletwood is generally reported to be difficult wood to air-season, tending to develop severe checking and warp.  however, if piled to assure a slow rate of drying, degrade can be kept to a minimum.  A kiln schedule similar to T1-B1 has been suggested.  Shrinkage green to ovendry:  radial 6.3%; tangential 9.4%; volumetric 16.9%.

Working Properties:  The wood is moderately easy to work despite its high density, rated good to excellent in all operations.  Gluing requires special care to acquire good bond.  Steam-bending properties are rated excellent.

Durability:  Very resistant to attack by decay fungi; highly resistant to subterranean termites and moderately resistant to dry-wood termites.  Not resistant to marine borer attack.

Preservation:  Has high resistance to absorption of moisture and is also highly resistant to preservation treatments.

Uses:  Decking, siding, heavy construction, textile and pulp mill equipment, furniture parts, turnery, tool handles, flooring, boat frames and other bent work, railway cross-ties, violin bows, billiard cues, and other specialty uses.  Also well known for its yield of Balata or gutta-percha collected from tapped trees.