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Wholesale Eucalyptus Grandis (Red Grandis) Lumber Stock Information

GRADES: #1 Common
CUTS: Mixed Grain
SIZES: 4/4
DRYING: Kiln-Dried (KD)
WHOLESALE MINIMUM: 1,000 board feet and up



Species Information

BOTANICAL NAME:  Eucalyptus Grandis

Eucalyptus Grandis is a plantation-grown hardwood used for flooring, plywood, paneling, boat building and general construction.  Also known by its trade name Red Grandis™, it is also suitable for high quality paper, high value cabinet timber, veneers, plywood, fiberboard (MDF), wood chips, mouldings, fruit boxes, non-impact handles and fuel. It is unsuitable for treated poles due to knots. Young plantation-grown trees produce excellent pulpwood.  Used as an alternative to Mahogany for its uniform color, texture and weight.

Red Grandis™, Rose Gum Eucalyptus
ORIGIN: Plantations in South America, South Africa and Australia
APPEARANCE: Fresh heartwood is light pinkish-brown consistent color, with a fine even texture with straight grain
DENSITY: Janka scale hardness is 720 for dry material
WEIGHT: 37 lbs. / cu. ft., or approximately 3.1 lbs. per board foot
DRYING: Dries well with good dimensional stability
WORKABILITY: The wood has excellent machining properties.  It saws and glues well.  The wood planes to a smooth surface and pre-drilling screw holes is recommended
DURABILITY: Heartwood has excellent durability and is moderately resistant to termite attack
PRESERVATION: Heartwood is rated as resistant to preservative treatments, sapwood is permeable
FINISHING: Finishes well