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Wholesale European Beech Lumber Stock Information

CUTS: Mixed Grain
SIZES: 6/4, 10/4
DRYING: Kiln-Dried (KD), Lightly Steamed
WHOLESALE MINIMUM: 1,000 board feet and up


Species Information

BOTANICAL NAME:  Fagus sylvatica

Its hardness, wear-resistance, strength, and excellent bending capabilities—coupled with its low price—make this hardwood a mainstay for woodworkers.  Some common uses for European Beech include flooring, boat-building, furniture, cabinetry, musical instruments, plywood, veneers and turned objects.

Beech wood
ORIGIN: Spain, England, France, Italy and Sweden
APPEARANCE: Pale cream color, sometimes with a pink or brown hue. Steamed gives the wood a more golden tone.  Flatsawn faces tend to be very plain, while quartersawn faces exhibit a silvery fleck pattern.  Fine to medium texture, moderate luster and even grain
DENSITY: Janka scale hardness is 1,450 for dry material
WEIGHT: 45 lbs. / cu. ft., or approximately 3.75 lbs. per board foot
DRYING: Dries quickly.  Large amount of shrinkage
WORKABILITY: Overall, Beech has a good workability. It machines, glues, finishes and turns well.  It does, however, have a large amount of movement in service, so movement and wood stability must be taken into account for projects involving Beech
DURABILITY: Beech is considered non-durable and is susceptible to insect attack
PRESERVATION: Permeable and recommended
FINISHING: Finishes well